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Diving & Snorkeling Day Trips

Discover Richelieu Rock and the Surin Islands in Thailand!


Start from Koh Payam at Ranong

Also written as Kho Phayam or Ko Payam, this island is situated just offshore from Ranong Town at the northern West Coast of Southern Thailand. Koh Phayam offers a trendy island stay with fancy accommodation for all budgets.

You can also join the day trips starting from Koh Chang (Noi) and from Ranong Town.


Let's gear up!

Prior to departure we check together with you your diving and/ or snorkeling equipment sizes. We'll also ask you to do some paperwork with us. Filling out Liabilty Releases is a must for each guest participant.


When was your last dive?

If you haven't been diving for more then 6 months, we'd like to do a Refresher Dive with you. This can be the first dive of the day trip, or we can make a Refresher Dive with you the day prior to departure.

Map of the scuba diving/snorkel destinations with the Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Tcahai, Koh Phayam, Koh Chang Noi and Ranong in Southern Thailand

Surin Islands & Richelieu Rock

The Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock belong to the Mu Koh Surin National Marine Park in Thailand. The Koh Surin National Marine Park is situated in the Andaman Sea at the West Coast of Thailand.

The Surin Islands offer great spots for snorkeling and shallow diving. At the white powdered beaches you'll find perfect spots for relaxing inbetween the diving or snorkeling.

Richelieu Rock belongs to the top dive sites of the world. A huge pinnacle in the open sea invites for great diving!


Let's go snorkeling & diving!

Our day trips offer a great day out on the Andaman Sea for divers of all levels and for snorkelers. Dive and/or snorkel into the shallow reefs of the Surin Islands at places like Turtle Ledge, Koh Torinla and Koh Chi or dive into the famous Richelieu Rock!


for private groups are available too

Charter our fast speedboat for your group with up to 20 people.
Gather with friends and join a full day out on the Andaman Sea while diving, snorkeling and / or sightseeing.

Start your trip from Ranong, Koh Chang or Koh Phayam at the West Coast of Thailand.
Visit destinations like the famous dive site Richelieu Rock, the pristine Surin Islands or the beautiful destinations Koh Ra, Koh Phratong and Koh Kham.

We can also offer you full charters of 2 days & 1 night, including a night at the Surin Islands National Marine Park or at Koh Phratong Island.

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Richelieu Rock

Our most stunning dive site in the Andaman Sea!

During our diving/snorkeling day trips we visit the famous dive site Richelieu Rock near the Surin Islands.

Even thrilling after 1000 dives

Although we have made over a 1000 dives at Richelieu Rock, we still are happy to dive here every time again.
Richelieu Rock is a huge offshore underwater sea mount and lies close to the Surin Islands.
Due to it's isolated location and varying currents, Richelieu Rock is very attractive to various marine life.
We can have great encounters here with manta rays and whale sharks.
Also macro marine life like sea horses, ghost pipe fishes, harlequin shrimps, nudibranches and mantis shrimps are a common sight.

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Let's go!

Let's have fun while going diving and / or snorkeling!

Day Trips to the Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock,
Koh Ra, Koh Phratong and Koh Kham


Including rental of snorkel equipment, lunch, soft drinks, national marine park fees and insurance

Fun Divers

Including 2 dives, dive equipment rental, lunch, soft drinks, national marine park fees and insurance

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Destinations & dive sites

Discover the dive sites and snorkel destinations in the Andaman Sea

The Surin Islands are known for it's aqua blue waters and it's shallow reefs

Surin Islands

The Surin Islands are known for their aqua blue waters with shallow reefs, white powdered beaches and evergreen forest.

Koh Ra & Koh Phratong are perfect spots in the Andaman Sea for snorkeling and to visit the beach

Koh Ra & Koh Phratong

Koh Ra & Koh Phratong are situated near Kuraburi and offer several remote beaches with beautiful sceneries

The Koh Kham Islands are nearby situated of Koh Phayam and Koh Chang Island.

Koh Kham

Koh Kham lies close to Koh Phayam and offers good snorkeling spots, great beaches. An inviting place to visit!

Diving at the dive site Richelieu Rock. Richelieu Rock belongs to the top 10 dive sites in the world!

Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock offers stunning diving and belongs to the top dive sites in the world and belongs to the Surin National Marine Park

According to the Rough Guide, the Surin Islands, Koh Phayam, Koh Chang and Koh Ra belong to the best islands in Thailand! Check it out too in the

Rough Guide Travel Guide



Day Trips made



At Richelieu Rock



Whalesharks seen



Happy Guests



Who we are

We are a team of dive instructors and have been diving in the Andaman Sea for many years. Literally we've made hundreds to thousands of dives at the Surin Islands and at Richelieu Rock.

Actually we've been diving over years the West Coast of Thailand all the way down from dive sites south of Phuket up to the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar.

We still love to dive every single day and would be more than happy to show you around for a day at the Surin National Marine Park.

Hungry for more diving?

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Prices and packages

See our price list to get all up to date prices regarding our day trips to the Surin islands and Richelieu Rock, Koh Kham, Koh Ra and all dive courses and Refresher Dives.

What We Do

We make fun dives with divers of all levels, though joining a Refresher Dive is a prerequisite if you haven't been diving in the latest 6 months.

All dives are preceeded by a dive briefing. Accompanying maps of the dive sites will give you a better idea of the planned dive.

Our maximum dive depth is 35m and all dives are limited to 45 minutes. Safety rules are implemented during each dive and Day Trip.

If you haven't been diving within the latest 6 months, we ask you out of safety reasons, to join a Refresher Dive. This can be the first dive of the day or a dive prior to the Day Trip.

Refresher Dives are given in easy shallow waters. Once you've completed the Refresher Dive, you'll feel comfortable again to join the next fun dive of the day.

Curious if you'd like diving? During our Day Trips we can make a Discover Scuba Dive with you!

During the Discover Scuba Diving program, we'll first give you an introduction about diving and how to use dive equipment.

Then it's time for going underwater: in very shallow waters, we'll take you on a few meters depth to give you an impression how it feels to be a diver underwater.

During our Day Trips we can also teach you the PADI Open Water Course or the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. You have to join at least 2 Day Trips in order to complete the course.

You can also join a PADI Course (including the PADI Rescue Course and the PADI Divemaster Course during a liveaboard dive tour.

Read more about our PADI Dive Courses.

Discover the Andaman Sea while snorkeling!

With your included snorkel equipment (mask/snorkel and fins), you'll be snorkeling at the shallow reefs of the Surin Islands.

Coral gardens filled with snappers, anemones, nudibranches and more colorful marine life will brighten up your day. And sometimes you may be a really lucky snorkeler and see even a manta ray passing by!

Daily initiary

Example tour Surin Islands

  • 07:15 Departure from Ranong (if applicable)
  • 08:00 Departure from Koh Chang (if applicable)
  • 09:00 Departure from Koh Payam
  • 10:45 Let's go diving or snorkeling!
  • 11:45 Back from 1st dive and / or snorkeling
  • 12:00 Driving to the next bay
  • 12:30 Having lunch together onboard
  • 13:00 Possibility to visit the beach
  • 13:30 Second dive or snorkel activity of the day
  • 14:30 Back from 2nd dive and / or snorkeling
  • 14:45 Snack time!
  • 15:30 Fresh fruits while heading back
  • 17:00 Arrival back at Koh Payam
  • 18:00 Arrival back at Koh Chang (if applicable)
  • 17:45 Arrival back at Ranong (if applicable)

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Visit our dive shop at

Koh Phayam

Our dive shop is situated at Koh Phayam at the crossroad, just 100m before the entrance to the main beach of the island, Ao Yai Bay.

Koh Phayam is an island located at Ranong Province, at the coast line of Ranong town in Southern Thailand.
Boats to Koh Phayam leave daily from Ranong town at the island pier.

Contact us

Drop us a line, give us a call or visit us in our dive shop!

Contact Info

Visit our dive shop at Koh Payam or give us call at telephone nr 08- Dial +66 8- if you're calling us from abroad.

Phone: +66 (0)8- (also WhatsApp)

Email: andamandiscoverypayam@gmail.com

Website: http:/www.andaman-discovery.com/

Address: 85000 Koh Payam, Ranong Province, Thailand