If Thailand's tropical islands are the country's crowned jewels, Ko Surin could be the brightest of them all. Protected as the Mu Ko Surin National Park, Ko Surin actually consists of two relatively small islands — Ko Surin Nuea (north) and Ko Surin Tai (south) — as well as a handful of islets and some magnificent underwater sea scapes.

One of Thailand finest beaches and bays

The unspoilt natural beauty both on land and underwater, including some of the finest white sand beaches and shimmering emerald waters to be found anywhere in Asia.

An extensive coastline imparts a long fringing reef around the islands. On the east side there are numerous bays, sheltered from the the open sea. These sections display the most impressive coral reefs. With more than 200 coral species present here this affords the observing visitor the most impressive diversity of corals in Thailand.

The shallow reefs are teeming with marine life in very shallow water. You have good chances of spotting harmless blacktip sharks and also turtles as they are come to the Surin Islands to lay eggs.