The Kham Archipelago consists of five islands and is part of the Laem Son National Park, which belongs to the province of Ranong. At the Koh Kham islands you can enjoy real paradise, the solitude on innumerable beaches and the wonderful unspoilt views - a perfect choice for visiting…

Lots of islands to discover here!

Koh Kam Nui island & Koh Kam Yai island are the two big islands surrounded by natural scenery of beautiful beach, coral reefs and plenty of fish.

Koh Kam Krang or Koh Yee Phun (Japan Island), a small island located between Koh Kam Yai and Koh Kam Nui offers outstanding white sand beach and crystal clear water.

Koh Kam Tok forms a beautiful lagoon with two beaches and a stunning scenery. This is definitely the highlight of every Koh kam Tour. We will enough time to enjoy and discover this amazing place in your own time. The outer rocks make for interesting snorkeling, the lagoon itself invites for swimming. The outer beaches provide a beautiful view over the mountains on the mainland with the azure waters of the Andaman Sea in the foreground. If you want to send some selfies to your colleagues at home, this is the best place to take them.

Koh Khang Khao offers a wide sandy beach to its east and an amazing variety of marine life, including clownfish Nemo, honey comb morays, seahorses, high coral diversity and many many reef fish.